Summer Camp 2014 Info

Summer Camp at Yosemite has been a part of Cal-ESAR from almost the very beginning.  The camp was 
held at Foresta, until it was hit hard by the A-Rock Fire in 1990. Since then, the venue has changed several times, but has most often been at the non-public Yellow Pines Volunteer Campground, near Sentinel Beach.

Due to scheduling conflicts, and the unavailability of Yellow Pines, Summer Camp 2014 will be at Badger 
Pass Ski Area.  We will have the facility to ourselves for the week, with access to the inside of the building and the surrounding area.  Because the area around the Lodge is marshy and unsuitable for tents, you can plan on using the patio area for your sleeping pad/bag, or sleep inside the lodge.  We know, this is hardly roughing it, but it's a good opportunity to do something new for camp.  To keep you in the mood for a more conventional approach, check out some of our collection of Neat Tricks.

We will provide food for the meals, which will be prepared in the kitchen area onsite, you should plan on bringing your own plate,bowl, mug and utensils.  Since we have kitchen access, you'll be able to clean-up in the sink inside.  There are normal public restrooms inside, but no showers.  There are a couple of evenings on the schedule that include trips to the Valley, where you will be able to use the showers at Housekeeping.  Plan on bringing along food for 2 days of trail lunches, sturdy, non-perishable items that you can grab and go when needed.

On Friday, Yosemite will be doing their annual Mass Casualty Incident (MCI).  Like Urban Shield, it is a full-scale preparedness exercise that has components that involve Ranger, Fire, EMS and many other Park resources.  Cal-ESAR has been invited to participate on several different levels, so plan on getting involved in an event that promises to be unforgettable.

Summer Camp 2014 is open to Cal-ESAR members and trainees in good standing, plus members of other SAR agencies that wish to participate on a space-available basis.  Due to site size limitations, we are limited to a maximum of 30 participants and trainers at any given time.  Fee for the entire week will be $250, with a daily fee of $60.  Meals are included in both plans.  

Because this is a ski area, the area around the building is wide open, with a good view of the ski, and the surrounding area is dark, so plan on bringing telescopes and other stargazing goodies, it should be great, since Moonrise on Monday night is 23:22.

If you are interested, not currently a member, but plan to be part of the 2014-2015 Training season, you are encouraged to participate upon completion of membership materials and questionnaire.   Unlike prior years, participants must already have demonstrated outdoor experience; this year's program is not appropriate for those new to camping and SAR.

Send email to to register and for more information.

View of the buildings from the ski lift area

Winter view of the front of the lodge (Wikipedia)

Summer Camp 2014

Badger Pass Ski Area