SAR Skills

Search & Rescue Methods & Tactics


Modern search & rescue operations focus on quickly finding and transporting the lost or missing person. To do this, ground teams must be fully trained and already know their jobs and duties. This course introduces the student to these techniques through lecture and actual operations in the field. Upon completion, the student will be proficient in modern search and rescue techniques, and be able to perform them upon request without assistance.


Full weekend course, with lectures and outdoor activities, including overnight camping.

Skills emphasized

Preliminary ("Hasty") search techniques; grid lines; critical separation; evidence searches; man tracking; search team duties & composition; types of assignments; night time techniques; sign cutting; radio protocol; briefings & debriefings; lost person profiles; safety issues; basics of the Incident Command System (ICS); packaging, evacuation & transport of the injured person.


Courses Required: Outdoor Skills, Introduction to Wilderness Navigation, Standard First Aid/CPR, and ICS course completion certificate

Note: The Associate Member program consists of the following courses: Outdoor Skills, Introduction to Wilderness Navigation, Standard First Aid/CPR, and SAR Tactics. The Training Staff can often substitute similar courses taught by other agencies upon pre-approval.

Please take the following on-line FEMA course on the ICS system and forward your certificate to

Time, Date and Location


Driving Directions

Driving Directions to Los Mochos

In-Camp Directions

Meet in the Dining Hall at 9am Saturday. Our campsite is Blue Oak North.
In-Camp Directions

Weather Conditions

Rancho Los Mochos is in the hills above Livermore and gets cold. One recent winter morning it was 28 degrees F. Be prepared!

Required Gear List

Required Gear List

Course Reference Material

Prior to attended SAR Skills, please review the following SAR Skills Reference MaterialThis material requires logging in to the internal area of the Training Site using your issued login.  If you have trouble logging in, let us know.