Tech Skills

Technical Rescue Systems 


In many backcountry wilderness SAR operations, the lost persons have some sort of injury or condition that prevents them from coming out of the backcountry under their own power. In the situation where the patient is injured and requires evacuation through rough terrain, technical rope systems are needed to provide the safety, leverage and/or friction needed to complete the operation. In this class, we teach the student the proper knots, harnesses and rigging techniques so they can assist in a low-angle or high-angle technical rescue operation.


Full weekend course, with lectures and outdoor activities, including overnight camping. (20 hours)

Skills emphasized:

  • Knots and harnesses
  • raising systems
  • lowering systems
  • litter packaging & rigging
  • rope care & maintenance
  • rappelling techniques


  1. Outdoor Skills
  2. Introduction to Wilderness Navigation
  3. Standard First Aid
  4. CPR SAR Tactics

Time, Date and Location

Please refer to our training calendar



The training will be held in Live Oak Campground. This campground is reachable from both entrances to the park, but is closest to the South Gate Entrance.

Mt Diablo State Park


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                2013's Class

Send questions and inquiries about this course to, or leave a message on the ESAR Training Status Line at 925-235-0761.