Cal-ESAR Application Materials


The following forms are required for a full application. Please complete all of the following forms, scan/photograph them, and email the forms to (strongly encouraged!). If you cannot email it, mail the signed form to Cal-ESAR, 205 DeAnza Blvd., #30, San Mateo, CA 94402

Cal-ESAR Application Forms

Adult application

Youth application (20 years or younger)

Boy Scout Application Forms

Note to members of Other BSA troops

    Paid members of another Boy Scout troop, please write " Registered member - XXXX Council, Troop ###" ID # - XXXXXX" at the top of your BSA form.

Adult application

This is an editable PDF form. Substitute these directions for the ones on page 1
    1. Fill out all the boxes on page 2-3
      1. The background check (page 2) is essential. Please complete this page. 
      2. All the spots on the right of page 3 are required: 
        1. three references, 
        2. previous residence, 
        3. any scouting background, 
        4. etc.
    2. Save the form
    3. Print pages 2 and 3 
    4. Sign in correct spot
    5. Scan or photograph  pages 2-3
      1. Note: you can use your  cellphone to create a legible photograph
    6. (Optional) Rename it to  " last name.first" (e.g. 

    Youth application (20 years or younger)

    • Unit Identification
    Cal-ESAR is Pacific Skyline Council Venture Crew 12
                  1. This form must be printed out, filled out, and signed.
                  2. A single copy of the application is required. Pages 6-8 are duplicates.
                  3. Scan or photograph  page 5 
                  4. Note: you can use your  cellphone to create a legible photograph
                  5. (Optional) Rename the scanned/photographed file to  " last name.first name.youth" (e.g. doe.john.youth). 

                BSA Youth Protection training

                This training is mandatory for members 18 years or older.
                  • Every member who is 18 years of age or older must take take the Youth Protection Training. To see more details, please see the BSA Youth Protection Website
                  • Take the Youth Protection Training. To take this course, go to the course website. This on-line course takes 30 minutes or less to complete. The instructions are:
                    1. Use the "Create an Account" button on the right
                    2. create a Account  
                    3. using the Nav bar on left side go to the "Training" section 
                    4. click "E-Learning" (Note: search carefully for this exact string since there is a non-clickable "elearning" and a non-clickable "E-Learning" on the page as well).
                    5. Scroll down a bit until you see "Youth Protection Training" 
                    6. Click the link for "Take Course"
                    7. When you finish, print the certificate of completion as a PDF 
                    8. name it "Last Name, First Name.ypt"  (e.g. "doe.john.ypt")

                Required Medical Physical

                The Boy Scouts of America Medical Record form is due within 30 days of your application. This form must be filled out by your physician, so schedule your appointment soon.
                Looking for a cheap place to get this physical done? Express Lane Urgent Care in Tracy CA will do BSA physicals for $15. The address is
                Express Lane Urgent Care
                711 E Hawkeye #3 
                Turlock Ca 95380 
                (209) 664-1550

                Submit the forms

                1. Email all of your forms to (strongly encouraged!)
                2. Nowadays many cellphones allow you to photograph and email right from your phone. Make sure your photograph is legible.
                3. If you cannot email it, mail the forms to Cal-ESAR, 205 DeAnza Blvd., #30, San Mateo, CA 94402